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We provide these general services:


Specialized staff dedicated to future-proof 192 khz/24 bit audio

Writing & composition assistance from active, gigging band members

Recording & editing beyond current, TV et al. broadcasting standards

100% digital mixing & mastering in the highest perceivable resolution


Flexible budget video recording, direction and post

  4K UHD at up to 60fps and HFR (120fps) FHD for slow motion

  Gimbal-stabilized moving camera footage

  Isolated recording booth with space for full drum kits

Now with RAW workflow options!


14-bit color portrait and group Canon Raw photos

  Live venue band performance photography

  Promotional business photography

  Abstract and bulb photography


16-bit color image editing and conversions to motion formats

  Artistic graphic designs

  GIF generation

  Digest hybrid photos & movies

  Movie slideshows


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