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Two oppositely working audio files were used to competitively evaluate binaural beats audio products in their ability to stimulate auditory pathways and create sensations in similar fashions to drug therapies which yielded significant data suggesting further research and product design.

William & Mary Neurological Music Interdisciplinary Program Accomplishments:

1) Developed audio therapy products targeting chronic symptoms such as insomnia, depression and anxiety for an effective non-substance therapy through manipulation of endogenous systems

2) Designed audio products which aid in effective meditation to reduce stress

3) Produced and assisted with several diverse videos and music events and recordings for student and faculty at William & Mary

Since graduating, talent and equipment has been assembled to open the first micro production studio offering future-proof 192khz/24bit audio recording through a Universal Audio 4-710d with mixing and mastering through a fully unlocked 20-core UAD-2 Multi-Chassis DSP System as well as 4k UHD 2160p or 2k FHD 1080p video recording and editing at up to 120 fps.  This DSP is very well capable of handling large stereo band mixes and surround cinema audio setups in up to both 7.1 surround formats in the future-proof uncompressed lossless audio formats WAV, AIFF, and FLACs at 192khz/24bit (3/4.1 and SDDS).



The team working with Cranial Waves Audio Productions has assembled to create Alvaldi Studio, a complete production studio which is walking distance from the Westwood, NJ train station with one instrument or piece of equipment.  Client pick-up is available for approved projects.  Consultations are free and by appointment only.

We can beat any other local studio’s per hour quote guaranteed!



We will never produce music in a better format than 192khz/24bit LPCM.

This is because it covers the entirety of both the hearing and feeling perceptions of wave bandwidth boundaries.  Where the average human hearing is 20-20,000hz, the human body can feel the impact of frequencies above and below this bandwidth even though they cannot be heard.  Impacts above the Nyquist frequency of 96khz are often unpleasant and possibly harmful in high enough power, so recording to capture data above this boundary sometimes requires the extra step of running a low pass filter to bring the audio back into the spectrum at, or more often below, 96khz.

The greater data rates of DSD and higher sampling frequency DXD audio formats will never become products for listening playback in consumer distribution because they are noisier and very robust files that require high speed, expensive processors to playback natively to an amp.

Therefore, producing at the native sampling rate of 192khz/24bit will never be outdone and your music will sound at least as good as all other music for the rest of time!

Audio has very likely hit the limitation of hardware sampling and data rates for most intensive purposes, and this is why Alvaldi Studio is proud to offer A-to-Z, future-proof audio solutions.

As video technology is vastly more complicated, there may never reach a point where products truly become future-proof.  Therefore, we are committed to providing competitive, efficient video with multiple simultaneous angles depending on format as well as RAW workflow options.